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The last time karmic planet Saturn was transiting in Aquarius was in early 90’s, a period which saw governments  world over taking tough decisions , which paved the way to long term prosperity. This was also the period which saw world powers fighting for justice in middle east , Governments taking out of the box decisions like opening up of the Indian economy and also new leadership emerging world over. Overall, a period of “efforts” and “changes” all across

“Effort” is the key to Saturn in Aquarius period and these Sanskrit verses beautifully summarize the essence of Saturn in Aquarius period. The key to success in this period is hard work and persistence and doing what is right, as the supreme judge “Saturn” is watching all of us and will reward and punish us based on our Karma’s. Do good karma and be careful with your deeds as all wrongdoings will be punished.

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Saturn Transit to Aquarius 2023 | Shani Gochar 17 Jan 2023 | Guruji Shrii Arnav

Transit highlights & Sade Sati considerations

Saturn will move from Capricorn to Aquarius on 17th January 2023 and will stay in Aquarius till 29 March 2025. Saturn will move from its one zodiac to another. The effect of this transit will be felt in all Rashi’s, but here are the Rashi’s where the effect of this Transit will be most strong:

Sagittarius / Dhanu Rashi: Sade Sati ends. This is a good transit for Sagittarians as their Sade Sati is coming to an end.

Pisces / Meen Rashi: Sade Sati first phase starts. Time to buckle up your belts Pisceans as your 7.5 yearlong Sade sati period starts now

Capricorn / Makar Rashi: Sade Sati in its last phase. Things will ease out a little as Sade Sati will move to its last phase.

Aquarius / Kumbha Rashi:  Sade sati in second/peak phase. These will be testing times for Aquarians but fear not as Saturn is transiting its own Sign and hence you will get mixed results from this transit.

Scorpio / Vrishchik Rashi :  Shani Dhaiya starts. A tough phase. It's time to work hard and imbibe core discipline in life.

Cancer / Kark Rashi :  Ashtama Shani. Take care of your health and ensure that you avoid procrastination and laziness.

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Saturn in Aquarius

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आरोप्यते शिला शैले यथा यत्नेन भूयसा।

निपात्यते सुखेनाधस्तथात्मा गुणदोषयोः॥